Keep an Engineering Manifesto

At PipelineDeals we have an engineering manifesto. Our manifesto is the backbone of what we stand for as a team. They are high level, core underpinnings of our team’s culture. They read like team-level objectives, but they trancend any time-based measurement. They are here for the life of the company.

Each member of PipelineDeals engineering will always strive:

  • To have a culture that fosters continual learning and self improvement.
  • To keep teams static.
  • To favor technical generalism over specialization.
  • To keep a well tested, easily maintainable codebase.
  • To facilitate practices that enable us to ship high quality software.
  • To keep current with our framework versions.
  • To give back to open source.
  • To give back to the community by telling our stories.
  • To own our production infrastructure.

The manifesto guides many big decisions we make as a team. We use it as a guide to determine where and how to invest our time outside of developing the product. This could be focusing on our team’s goals, directing our investment time, blogging, making our deployments faster, or making our site more fault tolerant.

It influences our hiring process. Having a manifesto makes it easy to tell potential hires what our teams stand for.

We set our team structure based upon what we have in the manifesto. We prefer teams of generalists, who are comfortable taking on a multitude of projects. Whether it be backend, frontend or devops, each member of every team should be comfortable with any of those tasks.

Having a manifesto is not groundbreaking. It is a document where you list out what your team stands for. You are codifying it into a bullet list document, so that everyone can see it and refer to it. You are documenting, at a very high level, the core components that make up your engineering culture. This is ours.