How to deliver high quality software

When it comes to software, the term “QA” itself is highly loaded. Because what is it, really? Is it just a thing at the end of the software delivery line, where quality gets lovingly sprayed on at the end, achieving a nice glossy sheen? Is it a separate »

Keep an Engineering Manifesto

At PipelineDeals we have an engineering manifesto. Our manifesto is the backbone of what we stand for as a team. They are high level, core underpinnings of our team’s culture. They read like team-level objectives, but they trancend any time-based measurement. They are here for the life of the company. »

Making 20% time work for your engineering team

At PipelineDeals, believe in 20% time. We call it Investment Time. Each Friday, engineers are free from the shackles of our backlog to work on creative projects. It feeds an enormous amount of creativity and happiness with our teams. Also, it helps other departments run better, and pushes our goals as a team forward. »